About the Author

Steffanie Costigan Author picture for Land of The Dragon.

Steffanie Costigan

Author Steffanie Costigan began her passion for writing at the young age of three years old. Despite her ongoing challenge with Dyslexia, she began to develop her skill in writing.

Steffanie would visit her next-door neighbors often, who was an elderly couple from Germany; they shared with Miss Costigan their war stories, which sparked her interest in the history of World War II. At the age of twelve, Steffanie began writing Land of The Dragon and refused to write anything else until she was satisfied with the finished book.

Steffanie Costigan got the opportunity to volunteer for her church and serve as a missionary in Adelaide, Australia. There she befriended many and met the Love of her life Jarom Costigan whom she married and started a family with.

Steffanie is continuing to develop and sharpen her writing skills as she is in the process of schooling through the Lethbridge College.​

Steffanie Costigan remains passionate about her writings of Land of The Dragon and is critiquing five more books to follow Land of The Dragon’s ongoing volumes.