Meet some of the Characters featured in Land of the Dragon


Andrew is a very uncommon young man with a unique personality. The best way to describe Andrew is simply he is a gentle, compassionate, passive nature young man. Andrew would rather take a hit from someone then give a hit. Andrew has very big and forgiving heart. I know what you are thinking he sounds like the perfect man, but no one is perfect and Andrew is certainly not. Andrew struggles with ​believing in him self; he has very high standards and expectations for him self and when he fails to meet those expectations it destroys him inside. Even with all of Andrew’s power, he does not realize how powerful he truly is, which leaves a door open for him to doubt him self and vulnerable to his enemies. 

​If Andrew would be classified under the 16 personality tests he would be an INFJ.


Eleanor wears her emotion on her sleeve, she is very much a open book with her feelings and thoughts, which gets her into trouble from time to time. She is a fighter and will not back down from what she believes in. Eleanor beings so passionate comes off as being overwhelming to some. Eleanor is a powerful spokes person when she wants to, she has the ability to push on and endure. Though it may seem she has think skin she is quite sensitive and overwhelmed with her passion and emotion. She often basics her judgements off of her emotions and feelings. Her challenge is she don’t know how to bridle her overwhelming emotions and strong opinion. Eleanor thinks out side of the box and considers idea’s that are unique.  Eleanor is not afraid to question the worlds ideas. Nor is she afraid to question her own thoughts and feelings, she does this to make sure she is fighting for what is truly right.  

Based off of the 16 personality tests Eleanor is an ENFP.


Tara gives off the impression of being very aggressive and pushy, but behind it all she is just scared, confused and misunderstood. Eleanor and Tara have a lot more in-common then it appears. Like Eleanor, Tara struggles to find balance to her emotions. Tara is a fighter and will stand strong and firmer in what she believes in. Tara yearns for the opportunity and chance to be a leader, mostly among her siblings. Tara works diligently to be responsible, especially in the hard times. Tara greatest fear is death she is scared because of all her imperfections. Tara secretly hates her self because of all her mistakes. Tara feels ashamed and embarrassed to show any sign of weakness. Tara struggles with her pride and admitting she is wrong. The idea she could be wrong destroys her inside. More than anything Tara just wants to be loved and heard she just does not know how to go about it.

ESTJ is her personality type from the 16 personalities.


Colton is a very ​complicated young man. Colton all his life was trained to ​constrict his emotions. Colton was taught that emotions are weakness. Because Colton was unable to fully constrict his emotions he was seen as weak, and in his fathers eyes a ​failure. Colton has not really ever know what love is, until he met Andrew. Colton feels Andrew to be his brother, but at the same time Colton despises Andrew because he is jealous of Andrew’s power and of Kiki’s feelings towards Andrew. Truly Colton is in his own way kind hearted. Colton does not want to seek to be in darkness, but because he was raised in the dark he does not know how to escape that life style. Colton is a calm natured, but under pressure can snap and make decisions out of revenge. What Colton does not fully realize is his love is stronger then his will to seek for revenge.

​Coltons test results in the 16 personalities is INFP.


Thomas is a fun loving and a little overconfident at times young man. Thomas speaks his thoughts boldly, and at times can even have a lack of a filter to what he says. Thomas is out going and has the potential of becoming a great leader. Thomas can be a little feisty with his temper. Thomas struggles with patients, because of Thomas’ personality of always being on the go, he gets antsy not taking action. Tod is deftly a doer type of person; he likes to take things into his own hands and get them done. Thomas has troubles understanding and excepting other perspectives when he does not agree. Thomas will stand strong for what he believes in. Thomas and Eleanor can really relate to each other because their ideas and thoughts are very close to the same.

​Simallar to Eleanor, Thomas is an ENFP-T in the 16 personality types.


Kiki is a very bright young lady that likes to play things by the book, but at the same time is willing to break the rules if she feels is necessary. Kiki is a very deep thinker and observer; she likes to think things out if she can before taking action. Kiki’s bright intelligence has made her a little overconfident. Kiki likes to come to things at her own terms and feelings. Kiki has aggression and sassiness to her. Kiki can be very open and blunt with her feelings, but at the same time Kiki is very private and personal with her feelings. Even with Kiki’s bluntness she is still very cautious with how she words things. Kiki and Eleanor could be seen as a little bit of rivals. When Kiki is loyal she will give it her all and if some one is not loyal back Kiki takes it very personally. Kiki hates feeling pushed into things, but will sometimes submit. 

Kiki is an ENFJ from 16 personality.

Herbert & William

Herbert and William are two young twin boys; siblings to Eleanor, Thomas, Tara, and Anna.
Herbert is very confident, curious and above all mischievous young boy. Herbert comes up with what he feels is great idea’s then later discovers his idea’s were not as well thought out as he would have hoped. Herbert just loves to have fun but lacks taking responsibility for things, he lives for the moment and doesn’t plane for the future even as an audlt.

Herbert is an ESFP from the 16 personality test.

William is more quite natured then that of his twin Herbert. William likes to think deeply about things before jumping in. William is often peer pressured by Herbert with a lot of things. William is the brains and often thinks of a way to get them out of trouble.

William is an INFJ-A from the 16 personality test.


Zerick is very happy go lucky, and has no filter to speaking his mind. He thinks of him self as being very proper. He can’t tell a lie for the life of him. He is also teased a bit by the other unicorns for being very clumsy and awkward. But truthfully he is very innocently hearted. He is always very eager to help and assist in any way he can. He can also be very nosey and peeking into things that are really none of his business.  



Anna is the youngest sibling in Eleanor’s family. Anna likes to keep to her self and is very independent for a five year old girl. Anna loves to feel safe and nurtured by her family. Anna her self has a very nurturing and sweet nature about her. Anna is very patient with others. Anna finds it very easy to love; and those that meet her can’t help but to love her back. Anna feels confused and scared of her sister Tara. Anna is a very opened and trusting about her thoughts and feelings.



Luca being a young prince of the white werewolf clan understand very well for a five year old of his responsibilities. Luca growing up in a rougher life style is very gentle natured and often does not fit in with his clan because of his gentle nature. Luca is more of a lover then a fighter. He is very curious and likes to participate in the bigger jobs.

King Locktar

King Locktar is the dictator of Land Of The Dragon. Locktar is a very ruthless and selfish man. Locktar’s greatest desire in life is having the control over Land Of The Dragon and people. Land Of The Dragon had been ruled in peace before Locktar came into power; after murdering his older brother and father and framing a loyal guard for their deaths, he claimed the throne for him self. Locktar is greatly impressed by Andrew’s power and wants to steal that power and Andrew’s gifts for him self. Locktar see’s people as opportunities he can steal from. To Locktar women are nothing more but objects for his pleasure.


Queen Carleton

Queen Carleton is a very mysterious and unknown character. Queen Carleton is very careful with what she says and if she is not she could lose her gift of the all seeing eyes. Queen Carleton is the first ever known elf that was born with the all seeing eyes. At one time there was a different race that was wiped out with the gift of the all seeing eye. But some how Queen Carleton was born with it. With her gift she can see bits and pieces of the past and future to come, however if she fully tells some one their future she will lose her gift. The most she can do is very lightly hint it. With her gift she does not know all the future just hidden secrets of the future and past.

Queen Avidest

Queen Avidest is a very innocent and sweet natured Queen. Despite her innocents she is far from being naïve. She was picked at birth the be the Queen of Unicorn Valley because of her bright vibrant blue eyes. In Unicorn Valley a unicorn that is born with any other colour of eyes then grey is picked as the next King or Queen. The colour to the eyes shows the sign of a higher power then normal among the unicorns. Queen Avidest has a great gift for strategizing and communicating with others. Queen Avidest has a gift similar to the all seeing eyes, but not the same. Queen Avidest can see all that is happening around her even if she is not there in person; however she can not see into the future nor the past. 

Prince Luke

Prince Luke is the oldest boy among the white werewolf clan. He is destined to be the future King of Werewolf Territory. Prince Luke is under going trained to be the next king by his father King Mearock. Prince Luke is very loyal to his clan and his best interests are for his people. Prince Luke is sometimes rough around the edges but in all he has a good heart. He enjoys the friendship of Tod. Prince Luke has little patience and understanding for others mistakes. Being raised among and being half werewolf he is very aggressive.

Princess Noche

Princess Noche is very passionate in keeping her people safe from outsiders. Her race being a night elf is looked deeply down on, and some times even endangered from the other elves. The night elf people for that reason must live in hiding. Night elves are half breeds from a light elf and the name you might know them by vampires or other wise known as the guardians of the moon. Because night elves are a mixture of the two races they are not excepted by most different colonies of elves. For this reason Princess Noche is very firm, aggressive and cautious with outsiders.