At this time the book Land Of The Dragon is going through the process of being edited and Published. We will be announcing when the time comes closer of the book release of Land Of The Dragon. We are also in the process of recording new and clearer recordings of the Audio Book. 

I am a traitor, victim, fighter, survivor, sister, and a daughter of a Nazi. I am Eleanor Kuhn. I will not be indoctrinated by Hitler. I fight for the truth my world has forgotten and ignored, but upon escaping the country. I stumbled into a whole new world, and I soon realized that war is everywhere you look.

With nothing but the clothes on my back and five siblings in tow, I wash up on the coast of a world I’d only glimpsed in books and the clouds of dreams: Land of the Dragon. But there’s something about this new world that rings with familiarity. Or perhaps someone…

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