Land of the Dragon Free eBook Giveaway

By Steffanie Costigan

April 3, 2024

Today I wanted to start my blog off a little different than I normally do. I wanted to talk about this month from April 1st to the 29th the Land of the Dragon free eBook giveaway and a one-on-one talk with me as the author. In order to enter the draw people interested need to like, subscribe, and share the eBook giveaway on one of my social media platforms.

Facebook @landofthedragon, Instagram @lotdsteff, TikTok @steff4055, and X (Twitter) @StEfF4055. I am also doing an eBook giveaway this month through Readers View if you look them up on Facebook, Instagram, or on X you will be able to find how to enter their free giveaway.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to read Land of the Dragon, I would like to share a little bit more about Land of the Dragon. Land of the Dragon is a historical fantasy and takes place in the 1940s in Nazi Germany. It is written in the first person’s perspective of Eleanor Kuhn and shares the hardships Eleanor and her family faced during that time; however, a family secret leads Eleanor and her siblings to flee the country.

Upon escaping tragedy hits and the Kuhn siblings are swept away into a whole new world, full of mystical creatures where they discover war is everywhere. The story focuses on and explores how easily it is for people to be misled and the impact power can have on someone to the point of absolute corruption.

Land of the Dragon has currently been nominated for six different awards and most recently has won the Literary Titans Award in the Gold Category; Land of the Dragon is a must-have read for fantasy and dragon lovers. 

I felt inspired to write Land of the Dragon at the young age of 12 years old and have not stopped writing it since. It has been such a passion project for me and more than half my lifetime work. I really more than anything want those who read Land of the Dragon to take away from it inspiration to be a better version of themselves and to come away with a new understanding that they may have not considered before.

I hope all who read this take the chance to enter the free eBook giveaway so they can step into the world of Land of the Dragon and come out with a new understanding.


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